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CLP Market solutions


Offering specialty additives for waterborne, solventborne, and solvent-free adhesive and sealant applications.

Delivering sustainable and efficient indoor and outdoor architectural paints through our additive products.

Highly specialized grades are the perfect choice for the requirements of automotive applications.

Wetting and dispersing agents for colorant pigment dispersions.

Providing a broad range of thickeners, specialty clays, dispersants, and defoamers for construction uses.

We offer a wide range of organoclays and polymeric additives to control rheology in conventional drilling operations as well as in the most demanding environments.

Additives for waterborne, solventborne and high solids industrial coatings that enhance protection against damage and corrosion.

Specialty performance additives for a variety of waterborne and solventborne ink applications.

We offer a range of organoclays for grease applications as well as synthetic polymers and hydrophilic clays for water based systems.

Talc in paints and coatings are used as a functional component, introducing a number of properties.

We offer a range of benefits for paper applications, and are a leading supplier for the paper industry

Lamellar talc enhances the performance of polyolefin compounds, creating a variety of application possibilities.

Talc is an important functional component in putty made of unsaturated polyester, used for car and truck bodies.

We offer a range of benefits for pulp applications, and are a leading supplier for the pulp industry

Additives for specialty applications such as water treatment, ceramics, and leather coatings.

Elementis organoclays provide superior suspension properties and long terms stability for suspension of water soluble polymers in slurries.